Zoning Department

Morgan Township has its own set of zoning regulations, independent of Butler County. Zoning came to Morgan Township by a voter referendum in Nov. 1988. Morgan Township decided to hire its own zoning administrator to oversee its zoning in 1995.


Zoning Administrator:

Dale Marshall

3141 Chapel Road
Box 2 

Okeana, Ohio 45053



tOffice hours: 

Effective January 9, 2023






By appointment

8:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Not in office

12:00 – 5:00 pm   

By appointment

Zoning Commission: For the year 2022 this board will meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Except July.

Board of Zoning Appeals: This board meets on an as needed basis.

Comprehensive/Land Use Plan 2022

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting
As Needed
Covid-19 Protocols will be followed
Morgan Township Administration Building
3141 Chapel Road Okeana, Ohio

Zoning Board Members:
Zoning Commission: Board of Zoning Appeals:
Kevin Branditz  Steve Grote, Chairman
Bill Lagergren
Jeff Griffith Vice Chairman
Ken Tumblison Chairman
Daniel Morrissey Vice Chairman
Chris Schweitzer
Brandon Jackson Alternate 1
Nick Zaenkert Alternate 2

Justin Bresnen
Chris Gaines
Brian Balzer
Gab Hernandez - Alternate

Comprehensive/Land Use Steering Committee (CLUP)

Chris Schweitzer - Chairman
Mark Fernending _ Recorder
Karen Casey
Alan Fischer
Michael Hodge
Karii Calhoun
Jon Stow
Sharon Sweet
Kevin Branditz
The 1994 Comprehensive Plan and the 2010 Land Use Plan can be found by clicking the Zoning Dept. tab and then click Meeting Minutes/Need to Know.  Scroll down and click on the Land Use Planning Folder.
  Minutes for all Zoning, BZA and CLUP meetings can be found on the Meeting Minutes tab by clicking on the Zoning tab.

Common Questions:

Where do I get the application for a Zoning Certificate?
Click here to download the application

Where can I view the Zoning Resolutions?
Click here to download the latest resolutions

Project: Fee:
New Homes $400
Additions $100 $.10/ sq. ft. ($300 max)
Mobile Home Replacement $100
Business Construction $300 $.10/sq. ft. ($1500 max)
Commercial Signs $70
Home Business Signs $30
Residential Estate Development$1600 for first 4 lots, $100/ additional lot
Accessory Structures
Accessory Structures
$200 over 500 sq. ft.
$100 under 500 sq. ft.
Above Ground Pools $30
Inground Pools $50
Decks & Fences
$50 Deck > 120 sq. ft.
$35 Less than 120 sq. ft.
Roof over Deck/Patio $30
Walls used as Fences $30 (no permit required for retaining walls)
Private Towers (HAM, etc.)
Solar Panel (Accessory Structure)
$200 Ground Placement only
Lot Splits $100/ first lot, $25/ adjacent lot
Variance Requests $400
Zoning Change Requests $500