Road Department

The Morgan Township Road Department staffs three full-time employees; Rob Brehm, Road Superintendent, Mark Reinhardt, Assistant Road Superintendent and Steve Robertson, Equipment Operator. The Morgan Township Road Department is responsible for maintaining 30 miles of Township roadways and residential streets in Morgan Township. Their duties include general road maintenance; snow removal and salting of the roadways during inclement weather; replacement and repair of culverts; roadside mowing and weed control; placement, repair or replacement of roadway signage; maintenance and repair of the township's equipment and vehicle fleet; and maintenance and upkeep of Morgan Township's facilities. The department is also responsible for upkeep and maintenance of five cemeteries in Morgan Township; Paddy's Run Olde Welsh Cemetery in Shandon, Chapel Cemetery, Scipio-Union Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery and George Cemetery. 

The Road Department works together with the State of Ohio Transportation Department (ODOT) and the Butler County Engineer's Office to insure all roadways throughout the township are safe and maintained properly. While the Road Department does it's best to respond to all requests from residents for service, such as dead animals, signs, drainage, and debris in the roadway, some requests may fall under ODOT or the Butler County Engineer's Office.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for maintaining the three state routes that run through the township; State Route 126, 129 and 748. The Butler County Engineer's Office is responsible for maintaining California Rd.; Okeana Drewersburg; Chapel Rd. from St. Rt. 126 to St. Rt. 129; S. Wynn Rd.; Jenkins Rd. from S. Wynn to Chapel Rd.; Layhigh Rd. from Chapel to Ross Twp.; Robinson Rd.; New Haven Rd. from St. Rt. 126 to the county line, Hamilton New London Rd. and Alert New London Rd from St. Rt. 126 to Schradin. All other roadways throughout the township are maintained by Morgan Township's Road Department. 

Rob Brehm

Road Superintendent

Serving Morgan Township since May, 1992



Mark Reinhardt

Asst. Road Superintendent

Serving Morgan Township since June, 2001